Real Love For Animals

I want tell you about a friend of mine in order to give an example of helpfulness. I won’t tell her name because I know that she will feel embarrassed for what I tell about her. Still I’m sure that she, herself and everybody who knows her will know who I talk about when having read this article.

She’s an immensely beautiful, smart, hard-working, creative, thoughtful, modest, talented, genial, pure minded and wise person. She protects your interest before you do, attaches importance to justice, approaches everybody with empathy, has a good social life, is genuine, natural, likes being intimate with nature, grows plants, tries to keep a tiniest piece of plant keep alive, is a teacher and very good at that, has very strong artistic side, anyway her job is an artistic one, loves looking at different points of view, likes laughing, making laugh, making happy, having fun, amusing, is clean, takes good care of herself, knows that one who has no good for herself, can’t do any good to others. She is like an angel. Of course she has flaws, too but they’re very few and she knows to admit them and to take lessons from them.

This friend’s heart beats for animals since many many years. Cat, dog, bird, spider, dolphin… Every single animal… You know, some people are born to be a singer, some writer, some actor, well, she was born to help animals. It is very obvious, she can’t behave other way, neither she wants to and she accepts this feature of hers and bravely act according to it.

However she’s different than many animal-lovers. Difference of intention… Her purpose is not comforting her conscience. She really wants to help, for this purpose she thinks deeply what she can do best, how she can do it better. She doesn’t act with the feeling of pity, give some food and go on with her life. She doesn’t look at people who are not intersted in animals as enemies and fight with them. She gets animal neutrated, heals the wounded, doesn’t get her house full of animals because there needs to be empty space for wounded animals or animals in recovery, she goes regularly to animal shelters, brings them food and more importantly attention. As I’ve mentioned, she doesn’t fight to people who doesn’t like animals, she tries to understand everybody, because she’s focused to the aim and she knows that she can’t convince anybody by yelling or insulting. Instead, she sets an example and that way she instills animal love. With sympathy, not pressure… She thinks that it’s a progress if someone who doesn’t care about animals begin to pay attention to cats on the road or if someone who has never looked after an animal starts giving food to street animals from time to time.

So this person shows a courageous, loving example of helpfulness for what she cares about by working, thinking about real goodness, exploring what is right, staying calm and strong without damning. She is an example of genuine benevolence and love. When you look at her you can’t keep yourself from asking “Do I do what I do sincerely or do I try to fool myself or others?”

God bless these kind of people! Even if they’re so few they impress a big circle around them.



If you think enough of a topic, the reality about it will reveal to you at some point. If you explore enough, you’ll find the best solution to a seemingly tough problem. If you endeavor enough, you can create amazing things with your art/craft/job.

Because work is the key to the house of inspiration. The act of work may be thinking, exercising, trying, exploring, asking, observing, consulting, writing, reading, meditating and whatever we think that may work for our aim or help us blaze a trail.

The qualification “enough” which in this context goes parallel with determination, patience and intensive desire may be thought as the front garden of the house of inspiration. You have to pass through the garden before you try the key on the door of the house. Otherwise you’ll at best force the wrong door in vain and give up quickly. -I’ve tried but couldn’t make it. -But have you tried enough? Are you determined to achieve your dream, do you have the patience that will encourage you not to give up easily and do you have the desire that will always keep the fire inside you burning?

We should attach importance to work for the things we really -but really- want to learn/achieve/understand, things, we think, are good for us to do. We should work. Not extremely but enough… I’ve been trying this for long years now and I’ve seen that it works, that I can proceed in life very solidly this way and I recommend everybody.

I wish you all plenty of inspiration!

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